Maniacal Gelato

The gelato at Gelato Mania may not be a maniac type, but I played with the name to form my title to try to catch the eyes of the viewer. That is usually how I do my titles; I take something from my post and twist it to catch the eye of whoever is on the website. If you are reading this, there are two reasons: one; you periodically check, and two; the title caught your eye. Most of the time the answer is the first option, but I like to think that there are some people that read my posts because of the title.

There was some sort of carnival in Green Point Park today, but we didn’t go to it. We went right by it, however, on our quest to go to Gelato Mania, a gelateria that has a store in the V&A and out on the Green Point side of Sea Point. On the way to the establishment, we went right by the place where the carnival was taking place and a waterwheel. At the gelato place, we each got one or two scoops of delicious gelato before heading back to the apartment.

At the apartment, we found a problem; the hot water tank had hot water running down the side, and we didn’t know where it came from. We got a plumber and another man to come to the apartment, and they fiddled around with all the valves and switches and whatnot. Then they figured out the problem; the heater had burst, and what they were going to do about it; send someone in the morning.

That’s all for now, Folks!

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