Christmas Eve

Today is just that: Christmas Eve. This is my 11th one that I have been present on, and I plan to give you, my gracious audience, an account of one of the more interesting particles of information that happened today while we were awake. However, before we get too far in this business, I will let you know that I can cook a little, and I helped with some of what follows:

Most of the day today was spent cooking in the kitchen. Eryn cooked up a storm of annoyance at me because I was always wanting to help her on the chocolate cake that she was making. I finally got to help my mother make the bread that she makes at home. We mixed all the ingredients together before braiding the dough to make good bread. When everything was finished and completed, we sat down to eat our Christmas Eve dinner. The dinner consisted of potato soup with grated cheddar cheese on the top, a salad made out of cranberry sauce, raspberry jello, and sour cream, last, but not least, we had peartizer to drink. It is kind of like Appletizer but with pears. If you don’t know what Appletizer is, it is 100% Sparkling Apple Juice. Anyway, back to the story: for dessert we had the chocolate cake that Eryn made earlier smothered in chocolate sauce. It was good.

That’s all for now, Folks!

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