Top 5 (or so) Lists for Vientiane, Laos


Laundry – I attempted to go to one shop but not it did not open at the posted time and we had a ride to catch, so I had to do all the washing by hand in the hotel sink.

Visas – Lots of worries on this topic. Would we get a visa on arrival for Laos? We weren’t absolutely sure.  Would the India visas be ready when we returned to Thailand? Would Thailand let us back in after leaving so recently and the first visa expired the day after we left? Fortunately all worked out well.

Hiking on the slippery rocks and trail on the jungle




Swenson’s Ice Cream Parlor

Beautiful traditional skirts worn by women in offices, shops, and villages

Visit to Tad Xai Waterfall

Pastries and breads from bakeries and coffee shops/cafes

Bike ride along Mekong River

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