India Driving

We had heard stories about driving in Thailand and some of its challenges. I must say that Thai driving is extremely civilized when compared to Indian. While lanes and road rules are suggestions in Thailand, they are irrelevant in India. Folks go both directions around traffic circles. And both directions on each side of dual-carriageway highways. I haven’t seen anyone stop for a red light yet. And with monsoon, there can be 1-2 feet of water on the roads in town. Traffic includes everything from guys pushing their handcarts, horses, donkeys, cattle, buffalo, camels, elephants, cars, and monster trucks and buses. In Agra, most streets were two lanes, which means generally 6 vehicles across, in random order of direction-of-travel. And everybody is tooting their horns constantly. Since there is no room for rearview mirrors, people just announce their presence with honking. Spend a few days here and Thai driving will be relaxing.